It’s high time you meet Andrea, officially our Branding Expert & Creative Partner at TRM… But we just call her “babe”.

To give her a formal introduction, accompanied by a LinkedIn-style list of career highlights would be a huge injustice. The fancy little title we’ve given to her has got nothing on her title of sister, confidant, and friend.

You see, Andrea and I have been soul sisters for about sixteen years. Actually, without her as a driving force in my life, I likely would not have married my husband, had a son, and been a RM. For real.

We’ve shared a lot together, and even after almost losing our friendship to some unfortunate events, we came out on top, guns-a-blazin’ like we always knew we would.

Those who know Andrea know that she is the most selfless person on the planet (to a fault) and although many would take advantage of that sweetness of character, those who know what incredible value she holds just by being herself, know better.

She not only is one of the more talented creatives in the city, with a keen eye for detail and a flare for the creative, but once she commits to a brand she believes in, she works on it as if it were her own and thus, becomes an integral part of it. When I asked Andrea to help with some RM creatives early on in our online journey, she took it on without a second thought and somehow read our minds when it came to putting Nikita and I both on paper.

First came a logo, and the rest is history.

She managed to capture the essence of The Rebel Mama in a simple design that was bold, powerful and had a little “don’t bother me, and I won’t bother you” vibe.

It’s been a solid year, and we’re so proud to have her on our team and so grateful to have her in our tribe. She’s become a huge source of inspiration, sees our vision as clearly as we do, and is always willing to spit some truth. All the things we hold in highest regard.

Growing something you love, surrounded by those closest to you, is just icing on the cake. It really is a blessing to have that kind of support – especially woman to woman. (Plus, she’s a seriously rad Rebel Auntie to all three of our lil’ Rebs + her own *actual* nieces and nephews!)

And that’s the beauty of the RM community – everyone involved, is such an huge part of the product and its success. The more we lift each other up, the higher we fly.  

Now for some lighter fare – SOME GET TO KNOW YOU Q’s 

1.  It’s a chill night and you and your husband want to grab a bite and have some quality time… what’s your go to spot?

Saturday Dinette – a hidden gem in the east end of the city. In my mind, the coolest joint in Toronto with a superb southern menu, and a soul-vibe playlist that never disappoints.

2. If you had a theme song for every time you walked in the room, what would it be?

Oh damn, this is a hard one! It would fall somewhere between David Bowie – Let’s Dance, Rock Your Baby – George McCrae, and Daft Punk – Lose Yourself to Dance.

3. What do you love most about being a Rebel Auntie?

I’ve been blessed with the most beautiful humans: my four nieces, and three nephews. I became an auntie at the young age of 16, not really knowing what it even meant at the time, but when you lead with unconditional love for them, the rest is easy to figure out. I love what I learn from growing with them. They make me wiser and the genuinely bring out the best in me. 

4. What is your favourite way to indulge and treat yourself?

Sitting in a quaint cafe, drinking ginger tea and reading fashion or graphic design magazines. Shoe therapy also helps when there’s some extra pennies lying around.

5. What’s your go-to outfit?

My uniform these days is a black t-shirt or turtle neck (Current and Elliot are faves), high wasted black denim (Acne Studios), and suede cowboy boots (Golden Goose). If my hair is just not up to par, I’ll add a black beret. 

6. Why is being part of the RM team so up your alley?

It was a match made in heaven! I fell in love with the brand vision, and the passion and vibe behind Nikita and Aleks themselves. When it comes to design aesthetic, they just get it. Lucky me! I intuitively knew that it would be an awesome relationship. Not to mention, I inherited another three nephews from this love affair –  Oscar, Beau and Rocco – who I adore. 

7. How do you relax and stay focused?

Some alone time coupled with good music always helps me relax and get into the zone.


8. Who or what inspires you most in the area of design?

My world is mash up of art, fashion and graphic design. Eccentric photography, clever typography, and  brilliant design composition inspire me. I have mad love and respect for Celine Vipiana, Jamel Shabazz, and BLANDA.

9. Favorite book at the moment?

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, by Mark Mason which I have Aleks to thank for. It was exactly what I needed after giving way too many fucks for way too many years. I also love In Vogue: An Illustrated History of the Worlds Most Famous Fashion Magazine, by Alberto Oliva as a coffee table book and source of inspiration.

10. One thing we wouldn’t know about you:

I’m actually quite shy, and I secretly love bright-bold colours.


Keep up with Andrea on Instagram @DreaXavier


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