I’m not sure where, when, or how I stumbled upon the subject of today’s surprise #RebelMama feature… but it doesn’t even matter – all that matters is that I found her, and let me just tell you, she’s a bloody pleasure to creep on Instagram.

With a perfect mix of dreamy interior design inspo and a zero-fucks-given approach to personal style, this girl was a clear choice for this month’s edition of The Cut

I mean, she even makes foliage look cool. Do you know how irrefutably cool you have to be to make foliage look cool?! You’ve gotta be Jzhonnie Bechet cool. (Congratulations, girl, you’re an adjective now.) 



WHAT: DESIGNER (Son of Lumiere), STYLIST (Sustainable Surroundings Dwellings), MOM OF TWO, TOTAL BADASS


WHY WE LOVE HER: To know us, is to know that we love nothing more than a lady with an unapologetic commitment to personal style. Jzhonnie Bechet has just that and it extends past her (epic) wardrobe, into her work as an interior and exterior stylist. But fear not, if you’re drooling over all her sweet threads, you can snag them for yourself because SURPRISE! – she’s also the designer of a line of sustainable clothing that focuses on basics “for the modern nomads” and reclaimed denim  “for the modern warrior”. 


Somehow, she’s managed to share this incredible magnitude of creative energy with the world, all the while raising 2 (super cute) rebel babies. How does she do it? We’ll likely never know, but man are we ever glad she does.

xx RM


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