Remember when Ma told you to bring out the “toast bread” or grab the batteries from the fridge?

While every family is different, each is guaranteed to come with a laundry list of wonky shit you never even realized was odd until you moved out and had a family of your own; then suddenly you began to wonder why no-one else was reusing yogurt tubs as Tupperware containers and running a full-on sausage-making factory out of the basement.

Below are a few hilariously random things straight from our community of Rebel Mamas, that shine a light on the quirkiness that is family and further confirm that (clearly) no-one knows what in the actual fuck they’re doing.

We’re not gonna lie, we’ll be trying some of these wacky tactics at home because I for one am super interested in what frozen chips taste like.


Calling the TV remote a “converter”, “channel changer” or “clicker”. (Bonus points if YOU were “the clicker.”) Seriously though, WHAT is the correct term here?! 

Cooking breakfast in boxers. Omg Dad, you’re so embarrassing. 

Keeping film in the fridge. You never know when you’ll need a fresh roll.

Sending you to school with a thermos of soup and some pita. Aw man! Why can’t we have PB&J like everyone else?

Storing food in the microwave. Listen, space is space.

Hemming pants by stapling them. Whoever hasn’t tried this is lying. 

Washing, hanging, and drying ziplock bags. In case the price suddenly skyrockets.

Threatening you with an impending police ticket for keeping the overhead light on in the car. It’s perfectly legal, for anyone wondering. 

Using plastic shopping bags inside winter boots for added protection. Very savvy indeed. 

Putting chips in the freezer to keep them fresh and crunchy. Legit trying this one. 

Using the microwave timer when baking or cooking. Clearly before phones did all of the jobs. 

Making homemade play-doh and using tartar sauce instead of cream of tartar. Who doesn’t like a little pickle-kick while molding animal shapes?

Sticking their heads under the water faucet for some hydration. Now we know where our kids picked it up.

Gifting us with a present when we hit puberty. Nothing will make it easier to deal with. Not even that light-up glass chapel, Mom.


What wacky shit did your family get up to in your formative years? We’d love to know! Leave a note in the comments below. 


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