O.K. O.K., yes. We know. Alcohol (namely wine) takes the spotlight in momversations a lot. A surprising amount, in fact. So much so that there’s a new wave of dialogue surfacing about the perils of the normalization of alcohol use (slash abuse) amongst mothers and we’re here to say we totally agree that it’s a conversation that needs to be had. We’ve addressed it ourselves on the blog as well as in our book (we also recently published this post, written on the subject from the perspective of a recovering alcoholic mama in our community)…

None of that, however, alters the fact that we like wine – specifically of the red variety… we like it a lot. Not in the “life’s hard so I’m going to down a bottle” way – but definitely in the “my friends are coming over so we’re going down a bottle” way – more celebration, less consolation… ja feel?

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Since we know there’s a lot of ladies out there who also enjoy some fermented grapes in their down time, we felt the desire – nay, the responsibility – to publish this epic Rebel Mama’s Guide to Cheap Red Wine – a compilation via the savvy babes in our RM community forum. You are welcome, and so is your wallet.


10-15 BUCKS:

Casillero Del Diablo Cab Sauv, Chile 
Lucarelli Primitivo, Puglia 
Naso Contadino Blend, Puglia
Trapiche Reserve Malbec, Argentina 
Root 1 Carmenere, Chile
Nederberg Cab Sauv, South Africa
Pasqua Passimento Rosso Blend, Italy
Lab Red Lisboa Blend, Portugal
Yellowtail Merlot, Australia 
Las Mulas Cab Sauv, Chile
Fat Bastard Cab Sauv, France
Jackson Triggs Reserve Meritage Cab/Merlot, Ontario
Borsao Tinto Garnacha Blend, Spain
Rocca Delle Macie Sasyr Sangiovese, Italy
I Muri Primitivo, Italy
Bersano Costalunga Barbera, Italy
Canti Estate Barbera, Italy

15-20 BUCKS:

Villa Annaberta Valpolicella Ripasso, Italy
Josh Cellars Cab Sauv, California 
Antinori Pèppoli Chianti Classico, Italy
Solà Fred 2017 Carignan, Spain
Campo Viejo Rioja Reserva, Spain
Robert Modavi Private Selection Cab Sauv, California
Pascual Tosso Limited Edition Malbec, Argentina
Nacido Del Quorom Monastrell, Spain
Viberti La Gamella Barbera, Italy


Is it really so wrong to put ice in your wine... I think so!


– Always check the Vintages section first for bottles on sale
– Next time you are at a restaurant and taste a wine that you like, ask the sommelier for the name of the importer. In Ontario you can buy directly from the importer by the case.  #BLESS
– Check the LCBO website for their futures offers. You can buy stuff in advance to age that never makes it to the store.
– Download the Vivino app for featured wines (by price increments) + reviews

PS: this was NOT sponsored content by the LCBO – although we’re totally cool if they want to work out a brand partnership deal.

PPS: We know – we need to make one of these lists for cheap vin blanc too. Feel free to hit us with all your faves!

xx RM



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Wine glasses by Florent Tanet
“Sophia Loren Pouring Wine” by Globe Photos Inc
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