It was about a month ago that we dreamt up the idea to throw a lunch party of epic proportions with none other than our fabulous friends (aka family) from the Chopard Boutique at Sherway. Why not, right? Joie De Vivré is our M.O. these days and we wanted to do something for ourselves (and our ladies).

We’d need a big, bright, perfectly appointed space that felt like a little French escape in the midst of the city rush. We’d need a menu that said “understated decadence” and a guest list that was stacked with smart, chic, rebellious women (who know a thing or two about footwear.)

This past Saturday afternoon at Bacchanal (one of T.O.’s top restaurants), our #rebelswholunch afternoon unravelled exactly the way we’d imagined – with an invigorating rush of female energy, and even a spontaneous dance party (what can we say – old party-girl habits die hard).
High tables were dripping with Chopard jewels. Seafood towers and mimosas made with fresh pressed juices welcomed guests upon arrival, our pal Taylor David (aka Jack Greystone) treated the ladies to one of the most heartfelt readings of The Rebel Mama’s Handbook for (Cool) Moms that we’ve ever seen (we may have to bring this guy on our book tour one day), and we all spent literally hours stuffing ourselves full of the most delicious French fare this side of the Atlantic. #bless

From its conception, the goal was to spoil a deserving crew of awesome ladies for an afternoon – but as we planned this lavish luncheon, we recognized how fortunate we are to have so much cause for celebration – so much love and support from our family, friends, and community… so we decided to pay it forward.

All proceeds from MAMAN: LADIES + LUNCH have now been donated to RAICES Texas – an organization that’s working hard to reunite families who were separated at the US / Mexico border last month. If you’d like to join us as rebels with a cause, follow this link to donate:

Thank you again to everyone who made this event happen: Alia & Aleks from Chopard, Jeff and Haigo from L’ORO, Noreen, Jam and all the wonderful chefs and staff at Bacchanal, and of course, the room full of stone cold foxes who seriously know how to throw down on a Saturday afternoon.

The self-admitted luckiest S.O.B.s in the whole world.


Original photography by Hope Little
(Follow her, she’s incredible: @hopelittle)


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