We make it work, and we make it work together.

When we partnered with CBC to launch its new series Workin’ Moms, we began to think about what makes us work as a team of mamas, friends, and work wives.

PS: If you haven’t watched the hilarious first few episodes yet, do so immediately. The dry dose of mama real talk along with some sweet shots of our city, make for a show well worth watching.

[Freeze frame from Workin’ Moms]

Niki and I are more than just partners in crime, we’re a married couple. No joke, this relationship takes just as much effort, if not more, to maintain. We’re working hard on something that we believe all kick ass mamas – and women in general – need, and it ain’t always an easy feat.

Not to mention we literally live on opposite sides of the city, which is a major bitch it itself.

It’s quite the juggling act to perform (especially with no prior circus training on either of our parts), but with each other to lean on, we somehow always manage to come out on top. #momFTW.

“What’s the trick to making all this work? I’m trying to stay positive, it just.. having it all seems a little… IMPOSSIBLE”.

– Kate Foster, Workin’ Moms

So how do we do it?

– We wake up every day and try. Sometimes, before our kids even open their eyes. Other times, we hit snooze and cancel life.

– We talk during the hours of 1-2pm and 9-11pm every day (engraved in my mind) and know to never wake a sleeping baby. That’s one extra email you can send right there.

– And send text messages and emails in between said phone-calls, just to have it on paper.

– We have an ongoing Instagram DM chat that we like to view as a “creative visual board” but mainly we just stalk people like Aureta and Lena Perminova and live life vicariously through their rose coloured glasses.

– We also have a Facebook chat that goes on THE ENTIRE DAY without interruption… except when we’re driving OBVIOUSLY (and someone gets to sending voice-notes).

True story:

* Once I tried to send Niki a Gmail Chat invitation and she turned it down by reminding me that we actually cannot deal with any additional mediums. But I think she actually said, “fuck off dude.”

– We survive on disregarded toddler food and have come to think of cold Eggos as not that bad of a breakfast; getting some work done is more important than a blog-worthy lunch recipe.

– We jump out of streetcars (so damn unreliable) and into Ubers to make it to that meeting / event / lunch and should probably just be Uber ambassadors. UBER CAN YOU HEAR ME???!!

screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-11-05-17-pm[Freeze frame from Workin’ Moms]

– To Do Lists are our JAM. Post-its, backs of baptism cards, direct mail – you name it, there’s a list on it.

– We enlist the help of everyone and anyone that is available and will totally take advantage of another parent watching our kid whenever possible.

– We never forget about our childless days and childless friends. YES, it takes more effort these days to get out, but it’s worth every sleepless minute to be around inspirational women from all walks of life. It also doesn’t suck to not talk about kids.

– We don’t take ourselves seriously. (Can you tell?)

– We remember that no idea is a bad idea. Even after one too many Bourbons … “BABE…. I was thinking….”

– We’re committed to making this shit work and when one of us is out of comish (read: stuck sitting in a hospital waiting room or dealing with a toddler throw-down) the other picks up the pieces and ploughs forward.

– We think up events and experiences that WE would wanna do, so we too have an excuse to leave the kids and men for “work”.  AKA going to a restaurant where we try to become wine connoisseurs via trial and error. BRAINSTORMING hello.

– We challenge each other.

– We trust each other…

– We respect the other’s rolling capability.

– We bitch about the same shit.

– We laugh about the same shit.

– We push each other forward and help each other grow.

– We’re incredibly practical and efficient because, DUH haven’t you heard? We’re Virgos.

– We know our power as moms – the power to make something from nothing, to somehow unearth an extra couple minutes in the day.

– We admit defeat one day and come back stronger the next. In our world, the one thing we know for sure is that no matter what, it’ll always be #momFTW.


Hopefully this short and sweet synopsis of our working lives can not only inspire you to keep chasing your own goals, but also help you realize that you’re not alone in your ambitious struggle and that one baby step forward is a big freakin’ deal.

But above all else, we are wifeys… and this union is only as good as what we put into it.

To our benefit, we are of the female species and can multi-task loving two spouses at the same time.

P.S. Shout out to the #rebelpapas who put up with our shit. Your bravery is truly commendable.



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